Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are currently promoting The Dark Tower, opening this Friday. Most of the time, where Matthew McConaughey is concerned, with that drawl and the weird word combinations he puts together, he’s often, ostensibly, the coolest man in the room.

Yesterday I saw these pictures of Matthew with Idris at a photocall for The Dark Tower. And, well, Matthew is trying, but Idris makes Matthew look like a total schlub.

I mean…

You can’t just show up at this party in a wrinkled rolled-up shirt, with baggy old jeans when Idris is all fitted and sleek in a sweater that clings perfectly, pants that fit perfectly, and badass kicks.

So last night Matthew tried to bring it a little harder in a wine-coloured suit. And what did Idris do? Snakes on the collar! And a club jacket!

Idris seems to be into these dressed up sweat pants with the side stripe. Because he wore a different pair on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while playing Google Translate Duet. These games are getting dumber and dumber. And, still, still Idris Elba comes off not dumb, not goofy, not at all.