The first trailer for The Dark Tower, the long-gestating adaptation of Stephen King’s “Gunslinger” series, has been released and it’s a lot of Idris Elba swaggering in leather, looking super f*cking hot and doing cool (computerized?) gun tricks. And Matthew McConaughey is strutting about, whispering about darkness and death, looking eerily like he’s in one of his Lincoln commercials. Has he been playing those commercials like the devil is trying to sell us Lincolns? And if he is, can we get a Lincoln-Jaguar crossover, maybe for the Super Bowl, where he takes on Tom Hiddleston’s posh serial killer?

The books have ride-or-die passionate fans but I REALLY want to know how this plays to those of you who have no idea what the f*ck is going on. Superhero movies and Game of Thrones have conditioned us to accept a lot of weird sh*t in our entertainment these days, I just wonder what the limit is on how much fantasy is allowed in the mainstream. Is a multi-verse hopping retro-future gunslinger who is also a knight and fights “worse than the devil” too much?

The movie doesn’t look bad, in and of itself, which is half the battle. I am no fan of King’s series, but, at least as presented in this trailer, it looks like filmmaker Nicolaj Arcel—who also contributed to the screenplay—may have cut it down to a digestible serving for the mass public. My biggest concern, though, is that Akiva Goldsman also worked on the script. He wrote Winter’s Tale which is one of the most batsh*t insane nonsense movies ever made. (To be fair, he also adapted Practical Magic.) So the question is really two-fold: Is this too much nerdery for the general public, and just how bonkers is this going to be?