I’m that asshole who forces her birthday onto people. Today is my birthday. You’re actually lucky though, because this is only the first time I’ve mentioned on the site while all my colleagues have been enduring it for 24 hours. Through the press release I personally delivered yesterday, on camera, at top volume. Some people are modest birthday celebrators. And that’s fine. Maybe you don’t like the attention. Maybe you’re not all that excited. I, however, am never not excited about my birthday. I’m so excited I turn into a birthday-dictator and force people to be as excited about my birthday as I am. I learned this from Justin Timberlake. Only for Justin Timberlake, he does this year-round, and not only on his birthday.

For my birthday this year, the marketing team behind the film, The Mountain Between Us, has decided give me a lot of Idris Elba. Here’s Idris warming you before winter comes.

Here’s Idris reading very tame fan fiction:

So this is how they’re trying to sell the movie. Because there’s not that much buzz about this movie. It involves snowy mountains and a plane crash, not exactly enticing sh-t. Which is why they’re trying to make you forget about the plane crash and focus on … well… Idris. I don’t hate this creative direction. Way better than mother! trying to convince us it’s high art or punk rock.