Idris Elba DJed at a music festival in Manchester this weekend. He was seen at Manchester airport yesterday, presumably heading back to London. Last time we checked in on Idris he was on crutches, limping out of a restaurant. He’s still limping but the crutches are gone and he’s wearing a knee-brace instead. Again, look at the pants. Even with a f-cking knee brace he’s still amazing in those pants. Whatever pants.

It’s Idris’s birthday next week. He’s turning 45. And also next week he’ll be here in Toronto for TIFF with two films making their world premieres, The Mountain Between Us and Molly’s Game, which was shot in Toronto and is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut. The last time Idris was at TIFF it was 2015 for Beasts Of No Nation. I interviewed him that year on the carpet, along with Cary Fukunaga. Idris is currently not on my preliminary TIFF schedule for 2017. This is when the producers start avoiding the reporters for the next two weeks because all of us are trying to negotiate for the carpets/junkets that we want. For example, all of us want I, Tonya. Mostly because … DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE I, TONYA??! Come on. Like that’s  Top 3 on my TIFF 2017 list, if not #1.