Juliette Binoche is wearing an outfit that looks like a hat has lodged itself upside down in her chest. I’m kinda digging it. Because the cloud dress was kinda getting boring. And this is kinda like the extreme weird version of that whole vibe? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Taron Egerton fainted on stage this weekend during a performance of a new play called Cock. No one’s going to be able to do it better than the kicker in this Dlisted post by Kristian so, since Taron says he’s fine and it’s nothing serious, I’ll just add a note here, from one fainter to another. Fainting is my specialty – I faint when it gets hot and humid and he was on stage, working up a sweat, maybe the theatre isn’t that well ventilated. To my fellow fainters out there, solidarity. (Dlisted) 

Coca-Cola has a new flavour called Starlight. It’s red but it’s not cherry. Now I want to try. Because I just realised, we are three months into 2022, so basically a quarter of the way through, and I haven’t had a single soda. This is not a brag. It’s more a statement about how dull my life has been the last three months. (Pajiba) 


Angelina Jolie has shared that she is in Yemen to highlight the humanitarian crisis there and to remind us that “all refugees and displaced people deserve equal treatment and rights”. (Cele|bitchy) 

Angelina is there as part of her role as special envoy for the UNHCR. To learn more about the situation in Yemen, including the history behind the conflict, and the challenges that Yemenis are facing, please click here. (UN Refugees)