Top Gun: Maverick set another box office record this weekend for how small its percentage drop was between its first and second weekends. This means that a lot of people are still seeing the movie and that a lot of people are seeing it AGAIN. I’ve already seen it twice and I wouldn’t mind going a third time, it’s that entertaining. If you’ve already seen it, once or twice, by now you agree with Sarah that Glen Powell needs to be in more movies, right? More movies and more red carpets. He’s giving updated Don Johnson Miami Vice here and I’m into it. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I imagine that proposals happen every day at Disney – no matter where, whether it’s California, Florida, or Paris. But this Disney proposal was extra special because there was an unexplained ring snatch …which… lol… sounds dirtier than it actually was and besides, we’re talking about Disney where dirty is never allowed. I’m still trying to understand why this proposal was interrupted and are we ever going to get an explanation? Did the employee think that a Disney rule was being violated or something? There are a LOT of rules at Disney parks. They could do a documentary just on the rules. (Dlisted) 

Reddit is discussing movie tropes that people are sick of and I’m still back on the one people have been talking about for years where no one every says goodbye before they hang up the phone on television and in movies. Speaking of tropes though, you think you know tropes until you start watching Asian dramas. No couple ever kisses in an Asian drama without a wind machine going – and I’m not complaining. This is a trope I will never tire of. (Pajiba)

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant walked the red carpet this weekend and the way he’s looking at her, like she’s the best thing that ever happened, is making me so happy. (Cele|bitchy) 


Can’t decide if this is helping or hurting my COVID vertigo. On the one hand, it’s making me completely forget about how I’m feeling…but on the other, this story is so wild, my head is spinning even more than it’s already spinning. Also I had no idea about Mormon MomTok until ten minutes ago and now I think it might be my new obsession? There is DRAMA among the Mormon Moms on TikTok because of “soft-swinging” and an imminent divorce! This is story has everything – condoned cheating, condoned cheating that went too far, cheaters denying they cheated, friends breaking up, and friends putting each other on blast on social media. Hit the snack drawer and get comfortable. (The Cut)