I am OBSESSED with Emma Corrin’s outfit here – especially since it involves two colours I don’t normally f-ck with. But with this look, it 100% works. And my mind didn’t go to anus until the Fug Girls mentioned it and I’m still not sure I agree but even so, I’m not bothered, because it’s just such an interesting combination and they wear it perfectly. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have deleted their Twitter accounts after his interview on ABC – and I’m now wondering what objective he could have possibly hoped to achieve with it in the first place. As Kayleigh Donaldson points out, it’s hard to imagine any lawyer or crisis consultant signing off on this and, well, now that he’s said what he said, you can understand why. This was not the time. (Pajiba) 

And now time for something wholesome: friendship! Between species! A baby elephant wants to be BFF with a dog. And I think she’s still learning how to read dog because to me, that dog wasn’t rejecting her – if it was, it would have taken off. The fact that it hung around meant it was trying to play, but is she too young and inexperienced to pick up on that signal? (Dlisted) 


We put up our tree this weekend and… I love it so much. It just makes the whole place that much warmer and cozy and Casey Wilson’s idea of having one in the bedroom, I mean ours is too small to have a tree, but if I had the space I would 100% put up a tree in there. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’d never heard of Liquid Death until just now, with this article. Apparently it’s super popular? I can tell you right now, now that I’m aware of it, this is not my thing. Not the actual product but the name, the packaging, and the marketing. I don’t want to drink something called Liquid Death and the logo terrifies me. (Eater)