What happened was that this person ordered a custom coffee table and got a table with a penis and I’m trying to decide whether or not I would keep it because on the one hand, it would be hilarious at a dinner party but then on the other hand, in my opinion, penises aren’t attractive – I mean I enjoy the pleasure that a penis can provide in function but the look of it, to me, is never going to be art. Or appetising. (Dlisted) 


The Fug Girls want to be done with oversize suits and as much as I adore Fug, I cannot co-sign this. I love an oversize suit. I like it loose and roomy – so can we just get another year out of this silhouette, please? It’s not like there isn’t tight and bodycon across the fashion landscape, in fact there’s a LOT of it. Why can’t we just keep the oversize suit?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ben Affleck took Jennifer Lopez on a date to Dunkin Donuts and it was evidently very romantic because they kissed each other outside. The thing – I think this is exactly why Ben is not like the rest for her. She’ll do Dunkin Donuts with Ben… happily… but with no one else. (Cele|bitchy) 

You ever see those stupid f-cking balls hanging from the back of a pickup truck (it’s always a pickup truck) when you’re driving down the highway? I would never, ever, ever get a person who had that sh-t dangling on his car. And now they’re trying to do this on the back of a pair of shoes? And not just any shoes… but Crocs? Stop this. Why are we hurting ourselves like this? (OMG Blog) 

A great piece by Maura Johnston in memory of Olivia Newton-John. (Vulture)