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We were dark yesterday in observance of Canada Day. For those of you visiting from the United States, you’re about to head into your Fourth of July weekend, just as America set a new record for new coronavirus cases – 50,000 in a single day on Wednesday. Experts are worried that Independence Day celebrations this weekend will only exacerbate the crisis as hospitals in some major cities are nearing capacity. All this as some people are still refusing to wear masks. Which is why even Jennifer Aniston is using her Instagram to make the case: 


As she says in her post, people are politicising a simple health and safety recommendation. On top of that, there is still so much confusion and misinformation. In response to some of my posts from earlier this week, we’re still getting emails from people who aren’t convinced that masks can slow the spread of COVID-19.

So if you click on any one link today that’s embedded at this site, please try this one about why masks are effective. To quote Dr Peter Chin-Hong, epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist: 

“The concept is risk reduction rather than absolute prevention. You don’t throw up your hands if you think a mask is not 100 percent effective. That’s silly. Nobody’s taking a cholesterol medicine because they’re going to prevent a heart attack 100 percent of the time, but you’re reducing your risk substantially.”

Also, wearing a mask isn’t just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting others from you. And you may be asymptomatic. The research and the science is there to show that “masks can prevent transmission in high risk scenarios”. Please read the article to better understand why the experts are so strongly urging people to mask up. 

To our American readers then, please stay safe this weekend. We’re around the next couple of days with the gossip if you’re choosing to remain at home. 

Here's Courteney Cox wearing a mask while out for dinner in Malibu this week. 

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