The world premiere of Avatar: The Way of the Water was last night in London. I also saw the movie last night, I’ll have a full review next week closer to the actual release, but this seems like a good time to note a couple things that won’t fit into a review. Such as: the ideal time to take a pee break is about the two-hour mark. You’ll still have about seventy minutes to go from there, but there’s a bunch of underwater swimming scenes around the two-hour mark, you can step out for a hot five and not miss anything important. Sure, it’s pretty stuff to look at, but you’re basically walking out on the world’s most expensive screensaver. 


Also, I do not know who Kate Winslet plays in this movie. She was at the premiere, reunited with her Titanic director, James Cameron (who homages his own films more than once, bless your ego, James Cameron). I have not done my googling yet to confirm who played whom among the blue cat people, but I went in knowing Winslet was in this movie, and then could not find her. I can’t decide if that’s a result of her role being significantly trimmed, or if it’s because of the CG rendering of her character, specifically, and the sheer forgettability of these characters, in general. I would like to be able to figure this out without Google’s help, because the film should be able to establish characters clearly enough to remember their names, at least, but I suspect I’ll be double-checking everyone’s names before finishing my review. Just don’t feel weird about it if you, too, cannot find Kate Winslet.