Cara Delevinge was sticking to Megan Thee Stallion like glue at last night’s Billboard Music Awards. Besides when Meg was performing or accepting an award, Cara was by her side in an almost territorial way. Her behaviour was… odd? I thought the way Cara was posing at the MET Gala a few weeks ago was a literal erratic, but last night was a different kind of weird. When I saw her on the BBMAs red carpet trying to add some wind to Megan’s dress by throwing fabric in the air, I thought she was an overzealous assistant. 


Then I saw this picture of her peeking around the wall at Megan Thee Stallion in a manner that can ONLY be described as stalker-like. It’s her black outfit. It’s her 70s ombre sunglasses. It’s the way her focus is fixated on Meg. 


But it’s clear Megan and Cara agreed to attend the show together because they’re seated beside each other inside, where the fixation continues. Cara thinks posing for a photo means starring at Megan while Megan looks to the camera. 


At one point in the evening Cara’s seen without Meg and that’s when she’s laying down on the floor of the MGM Grand Arena to snap a picture of Doja Cat, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe. I’m all for getting the right angle, but laying down on the floor? Couldn’t be me. 

And when Meg actually wins an award, Cara’s right up in her face “celebrating”. From my vantage point, it looks like the sort of in your face “celebrating” that accompanies hard partying. She’s a little too turnt up. 


Has Cara always been like this? A lot of people were quick to point out a questionable interaction with Azealia Banks, which is much worse than anything that happened last night. In that situation, Azealia looked quite uncomfortable while Megan seemed fine with Cara’s antics. 

All I know is I’m here for all the tweets.