Tony Bennett passed away at the age of 96. I saw him in concert once, he was incredible, both a great singer and storyteller. It was a lively show. For such an established professional, Bennett’s act wasn’t overly polished, he was off the cuff and improvising with his patter and lyrics. We really are losing a class of entertainer few contemporary artists can match. (Popsugar)


I regret to inform you that Julia Fox is at it again. (Go Fug Yourself)

Despite all the “we love Barbenheimer” sentiment from both Universal (new home of Christopher Nolan and Oppenheimer) and Warner Bros. Discover (old home of Nolan and home of Barbie), neither studio was really thrilled about it. But WBD was WAY less thrilled, and made a number of deliberate, petty moves leading up to the release of both films, up to and including insisting on releasing Barbie on the same day (Universal staked out July 21 first). 

I can believe Nolan is pissy about Barbie, because it’s basically a direct slap in the face from his longtime studio partner. That said, Oppenheimer was never going to earn more money, and though it’s early, it’s looking like both films are going to do very well this weekend, so really, no one loses except men’s egos, and Nolan just made a whole movie about the dangers of weak men’s egos. (Celebitchy)


Slow your roll before you play the “Carlee Russell is another Jussie Smollett” card, because whatever the truth of Carlee’s disappearance may be, it’s not like the police or the system they uphold worries overmuch about Black women anyway. “Believe women” comes at the cost of being wrong sometimes, but better to be wrong occasionally than ignore huge, systemic problems like the way missing and endangered Black women are vastly underreported, under-investigated, and under-solved compared to white women. (Pajiba)

This Barbie is culture critic BL Panther examining the history of Barbie on the big screen. (Paste)