Rihanna was in Paris last week with her baby and A$AP Rocky. As I noted in both my posts about her trip, both she and her son were seen in Fendi, and in particular she had on a vintage piece, suggesting that she’d been through the archives – significant because of the Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld relationship and the fact that Karl Lagerfeld is the theme of the Met Gala this year. 


The Met Gala is next Monday, May 1. We’re inside a week now, and Rihanna did not leave Paris for LA; instead she’s in New York, and was seen yesterday out shopping with her goddaughter. Imagine Rihanna taking you shopping?! 

But Rihanna being in NYC is another sign that she’ll be at the Met Gala, right? Rihanna skipped the Met Gala last year because of her pregnancy so the last time she was there was September 2021, when the event was held in the second half of the year as an exception because of COVID. As usual she was one of the last to arrive, and I imagine it would be the same this year – if she actually shows. 

But the indications are there. Rihanna always does her research before the Met Gala. If she was in Paris, poking around those archives, there would be a reason for it. And if indeed she’s planning to go, well, she’ll elevate it, as she always does. Because the theme this year is kinda… easy, right? Easy can translate to boring. Rihanna at the Met Gala though, it’s never, ever, ever boring. 

Also attached - Rihanna and Rocky out for dinner on the weekend in New York.