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As of post time, we are still awaiting the birth of Baby Sussex. Not yet born and already this royal child is a celebrity with celebrity tendencies: celebrities never show up on time. Celebrities exist to make us wait. They are, also, skilled in the art of cockblocking. The Met Gala is tonight. It would be amazing if there was some kind of announcement from House Sussex just as the first arrivals started happening in New York.

We will have full Met Gala coverage for you starting in the middle of the night tonight and through the morning. Join us if you’re staying up! We can all sleep on Tuesday! 

No doubt, the Met Gala will be trending starting at around 6pm ET or so. What’s been trending for hours now though, of course, is Game of Thrones. Immediately following last night’s episode, “The Last of the Starks”, it was “Dany”, and “Cersei”, and “Arya”, and “Brienne” who were dominating Twitter. This morning? 

“Starbucks Cup” – did you spot it?


Fabian Wagner, who shot last week’s squinty episode “The Long Night”, made headlines for basically telling us that we were the problem and not him. “I know it wasn’t too dark because I shot it”, is what he said. Well. Now what? 

There were a lot of problems with what happened last night – and Sarah will get to them in her analysis shortly – but I do not have a problem with the return of the Spider, Varys the master strategist, coming through with these three key words: “She’s his aunt”. 


Also, my major takeaway: 

Yours in gossip,