The Batman is just two days away, and the cast is in New York for the world premiere yesterday. (This is not to be confused with the “fan screening” in Miami earlier this week, or the “special screening” in London last week.) Robert Pattinson, sticking his ENTIRE foot down the throats of everyone who has sh-t on his acting in the last decade just because he was in Twilight, is dressed all in black. It’s not the most fashion-forward we’ve seen him, but it is very on brand for his version of Bruce Wayne. Tom and Lorenzo have this thing about stars dressing to their characters for big press events, and that is what RBattz is doing, and he looks great. Zoë Kravitz is also dressing the part in this corseted gown with cat silhouettes. VERY on brand for her Selina Kyle, could even be a costume right out of the movie.


And can I just say? This a SUPER HOT movie. Almost everyone is insanely hot! Pattinson and Kravitz, OBVIOUSLY. Andy Serkis, YES, SO HOT (and always has been, we just get so little opportunity to appreciate him without CG makeovers and whatnot). Jayme Lawson, undeniably hot. Jeffrey Wright: handsome, dignified, hot. Peter Sarsgaard is TRYING not to be hot, but he is still hot. John Turturro, menacing but hot. Colin Farrell, I mean…there’s a lot of prosthetics. But he's compelling and weirdly charismatic. He’s still Colin Farrell! Like your mind KNOWS he’s in there and is sending hot signals regardless of what he actually looks like as the Penguin. Paul Dano: not hot. Sorry Paul! But to his credit, he is not trying to be hot, and he is succeeding in his endeavor. He is the only person whose acting overcomes his hotness. 

As for the movie, I LOVE it, and you guys had a couple questions. One, there are no post-credit scenes. The movie ends when it ends. Which is good, because without credits, the infamous runtime is more like two hours and forty-five minutes. To answer the follow-up question, no, there isn’t a great place for a bathroom break. No mindless fight scene to check out of, no extended info dump you can skip and suss out later from context clues. The movie is long, but it’s well paced and uses every second of the runtime to do its job. So skip the soda if you can.