Dear Gossips,

How did this happen? Another season of Insecure is behind us. And I feel like this season went by quicker than the previous ones? We’ll talk about it more tomorrow, gives you a chance to watch if you haven’t already so all I’ll say now is… 

OMG Andrew with his hair down. 

We have to wait another year for more Andrew?

Are you with me? Have you been deep-diving on Andrew, aka Alexander Hodge, aka “Asian bae”? 


That’s all I’ve been doing this morning – checking his socials. On Twitter, where he calls himself “Little Dragon”, he said his call time was too early to put his hair in the manbun. This, of course, is the usual manbun. 


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I don’t love a manbun. But, also, normally, I’m not into guys with long hair. That said, not all guys have THIS hair. 


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More current:


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Here he is with his girlfriend (I think): 


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Because they kissed for his birthday (second photo in carousel): 


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You’re telling me it’s going to be another year before we find out what Molly does with that hair?!

As for Kanye West and whether or not he’s going to show up on this blog today, I’ll leave it with Ava DuVernay. 

There are other things to talk about. 

Yours in gossip,