Barbra Streisand sent Lea Michele a note congratulating her on Funny Girl but that has only revived the whole internet conspiracy about whether or not she can read. This is such a weird social media obsession – like, of course she can read. You know why? Because of her reputation. We all know by now about her reputation, and how many people she’s pissed off. If she couldn’t read, the people she’s beefed with would have confirmed it by now. (Cele|bitchy) 


I saw the Miss Universe pageant was trending the other day but I didn’t bother to see what the mess was about which, I guess, is a big mistake because this is a gossip feast. Accusations of scandal and f-ckery and people are now saying it was fixed…and then the costumes! Is anyone giving RuPaul’s Drag Race credit for this? Because you can’t tell me these events aren’t being influenced by queens. (Dlisted) 

Taylor Russell is picking up in 2023 right where she left off in 2022 – solid fashion game. LOVE this red leather on her but agree with the Fug Girls that that the jacket is cuter than the skirt. For me it’s not so much the slit as it is the length? Not entirely sold on the shoes either but still, it’s Taylor. And these are very minor notes. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I watched Spirited over the holidays and I really liked it. Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds are great together. And he’ll be great with Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3 which Hugh is currently bulking up for, to play Wolverine again. Although I do feel bad for Hugh – not because he has to work out nonstop but because, as he says, he might be tortured by Ryan on that set if Ryan does actually get nominated for an Oscar. (Pajiba) 

I’m sorry…what now? Apparently there is a new dress code for female legislators in Missouri under the guise of “professionalism”? Shoulders are not allowed! Because if a woman shows her shoulders, she can’t do her job. WTF. (The Cut)