Pedro Pascal, the internet’s Daddy, was at Paley Fest. And yes, he was in a Daddy fit. (Go Fug Yourself)

I don’t know about you but every television in my vicinity today has been locked onto the Trump arrest which I guess is supposed to be embarrassing for him but this buffoon has no shame so he’s actually living for all this air time. Anyway, there are many people – with good reason – who would love to see him in prison, as unlikely as experts say that will be. But does anyone want that MORE than Melania Trump? (Cele|bitchy)


About a year and a half ago, I walked into one of my favourite boutique clothing stores – the kind of store where you find rare brands from overseas – where I get a lot of my favourite slouchy pants and sack dresses – and found a whole rack of Magnolia Pearl items. It wasn’t my thing. I’m not super into vintage and everything looked… used. So I was surprised when I saw the tag that was hanging on the outside of one of their tops with the price flipped out that it was so expensive. The brand has now gone viral because people are criticising its “poverty core” aesthetic. (Dlisted) 

Reddit is asking what skills people learned in the 90s that they no longer use and my response was… people learned things in the 90s because my 90s were messy. My 90s were all about regret. I did laugh at the person who said “burning CDs” though because I did burn CDs, though I’m not sure that’s a skill. And if you asked me to do it now, I’d be useless. (Pajiba) 

Amy Sedaris has a lot of thoughts on sandwiches – as she should. I don’t know if I could trust a person who was laissez-faire about their sandwich. (Eater)