Jennifer Lopez posted a video tribute to Ben Affleck for Father’s Day last weekend and the internet does what it does: pick up on the small details. 


I’m not usually a person who notices furniture sh-t. Clothing? Yes. But I guess that’s personal interest – and I’m in the minority of people on this, I know, but home design and all that, it’s not my personal interest. Not that Ben Affleck’s office has been designed, LOL; the point here is that it’s rather UN-designed and the internet is now obsessed with all the clutter that’s in there. The Cut did a whole post on it. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been inside celebrity homes more than we ever would have imagined. It was happening already on social media but the pandemic and Zoom and doing interviews and junkets from various corners of their homes opened up celebrity lives to us in ways that were previously thought inaccessible. Some celebrities kept it as private as possible, no doubt, but others, as we have seen, took the opportunity to flex with their backgrounds – they came to us from their beautiful kitchens and sunrooms, from their curated libraries and custom gyms. 


Maybe that’s the appeal of what JLo showed us of Ben’s office, because of how unstaged it was. Nobody was brought in ahead of time to place coffee table books with the sun dappling a vase of flowers arranged just so in the background. But this, apparently, is Ben’s real office, where he does real work and not pretend work although many have pointed out that they don’t know how he can work with so much sh-t piled up and jammed together. 

And maybe that’s the key takeaway? This is where he worked on Argo and The Town and The Last Duel and his upcoming Nike movie?! Here’s Bennifer on set of the Nike movie this week.