Ioan Gruffudd, probably best known as the Chris Evans-era Reed Richards of Fantastic Four—OR AS HORATIO HORNBLOWER IF YOU HAVE CULTURE—is going through a MESSY divorce. He just got a three-year restraining order against his estranged wife, Alice Evans. The twists and turns of this drama would be more fun for gossip if kids weren’t involved. Alas. Think of the children! (DListed) 


Do you want to see a glamorous gown? Of course you do! (Go Fug Yourself)

Kansas had a primary ballot measure on whether or not to ratify a constitutional amendment allowing the state to regulate or ban abortion rights, and it failed. Like, in a bigtime wipe out kind of way. Hopefully, this is a preview of things to come as people are fired up to protect reproductive rights around the country. (Celebitchy)

Demi Lovato is using she/her pronouns again, and I feel like some people will make this about people who regret transitioning, when it’s really just acknowledging people can be fluid and how they express their gender can vary at times. Anyway, celebrate Demi’s health and happiness and just use whatever pronouns people ask you to, it’s not a big deal. (OMG Blog)


Update to the HBO Max situation. They are removing original direct-to-streaming titles from the HBO Max library now. How this saves them money, I have no idea, I cannot imagine the talent licensing is THAT much. But these are supposedly underperforming titles on the platform, and deep-sixing them somehow saves money. Warner Bros. Discovery has an earnings call tomorrow, it’s going to be VERY interesting to hear what David Zaslav has to say about all this. (Variety)