Before we get to the title subjects, just a word on the life of Beyoncé because yesterday, Tuesday, she was photographed in Lake Como with Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey. On Tuesday night, though, she performed on tour in Warsaw. Standard practice for artists on tour is to arrive at the venue hours ahead of time. There is all kinds of prep that has to happen before they go on stage, especially on the first night if they’re doing multiple shows, and that was B’s first show of two in Poland. But then again, when you are as prepared as Beyoncé and you have set up the machine of efficiency the way she has, you can be in one country just hours before your concert in an another. 


It's been interesting to see which celebrities show up where to see Beyoncé’s Renaissance. For Lizzo, since she’s also on tour in Europe and she too will be performing in Poland tonight, it makes sense that she would choose the Warsaw show, where she saw her own name on Beyoncé’s stage. What a f-cking moment that must have been for her. I know I have said this so many times but it’s never too many times – Beyoncé is the standard, not just for fans but for other artists. Beyoncé is the celebrity that other celebrities freak out over. But on top of that, where Lizzo is concerned, Beyoncé is the artist who she said made her believe she could be one too. So, understandably, she cried.


It wasn’t just tears though. Renaissance is an experience. And Lizzo leaned right into it. 


She wasn’t the only celebrity in Warsaw though. Tom Holland and Zendaya also decided to see Renaissance in Warsaw and …well… look at them. How can you resist them? 


I can’t. I can’t with these two singing into each other’s faces JUST LIKE US…because that’s what you do with “Love on Top”! There’s a LOT of joy in Beyoncé’s music but “Love on Top” just might be her most joyous song. I have seen Beyoncé perform “Love on Top” live probably at least six or seven times, and it is euphoric, like an instant spiritual lift – and it’s all in her face. The way Beyoncé smiles during “Love on Top”, if you know, you know, is irresistible. Her smile spreads from the stage into the audience, it’s a warming effect, you are powerless to it. And the only possible way to react to it is to turn to the person next to you and scream the words into their face. This is what happens every night she’s on tour. It happened last night with Tom and Zendaya. It will happen for you when you get there. It will happen for me ten days from now, on Saturday July 8 in Toronto, the first North American stop … and I stilllll don’t know what I’m going to wear.