They have it now. Maybe not Spanx brand, but there’s definitely a line of, um, male girding attire that’s now on the market. They sell them at Selfridges. Michelle just googled it. Cost $100. They come in short sleeve, long sleeve, and v-neck in a variety of colours. Michelle posits that Ed must like the v-neck to show off his chest hair.

He must be wearing man spanx right?

We’ve been discussing it for 10 minutes now. Because if you watch Gossip Girl, surely you must know that he doesn’t have this body without some assistance. Like, his boobs have disappeared. And his waist is downright sinewy.

Ed Westwick in GQ showing off men’s fall fashion or something.

I am actually very partial to the Henley.

A man who can wear a Henley well is a man who is well on the way to my loins.

My husband can wear a Henley very well. And without man spanx either. But he just chooses not to. It looks good. And therefore he thinks it looks bad. He has no taste.

Ed Westwick has good taste… ish. But he also has breasts.

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