Gwyneth Paltrow is in Mexico with her friends and it’s supposed to be her bachelorette but is she actually getting married? Here’s G hanging out with the girls today. But here’s Giancarlo Giammetti’s IG post

He’s sorry not to be there - would he have been invited to a bachelorette though? Or would he be invited to a WEDDING? Does Giancarlo mean “married” instead of “engaged”?

Thing is, G travelled to Mexico without Apple or Moses. Are they coming later with their dad? Because presumably she’d want her kids with her, right? So is this a wedding weekend or a bachelorette weekend?

I appreciate the honesty from this weatherman. It must suck to get dumped on all the time for something he’s just analysing and reporting. And especially when the weather in certain parts of North America has been such f-cking bullsh-t. Of course I’m bringing it back to me and the goddamn ICE STORM that we are bracing for here in Toronto tomorrow and they’ve just changed the f-cking forecast so that the ice could be coming in the morning instead of the evening which means I don’t even know when, exactly, I’ll get to New York which means if I’m late for this junket, I’ll be late getting my flight back to Toronto after the junket and the priority is Beyoncé!!! So I feel you, weatherman, I feel you. (Dlisted) 

Georgina Chapman is Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife. She has filed for divorce. She is also the designer behind Marchesa. And she’s apparently working on a Marchesa comeback. Which, as Kayleigh Donaldson notes here, is complicated. Because intimidating people into wearing Marchesa is, allegedly, how Harvey asserted his power. Apart from that though… ummm….can we talk about the Marchesa aesthetic? Because I rarely, rarely found Marchesa all that stylish. Will it change in the post-Weinstein era, if there is to be a comeback? (Pajiba) 
 Yes. This is a really, really great coat on Lily James. Actually, it’s a really, really great outfit. I love the patterned tights. And while this is not usually my favourite shoe choice, it is elevated by the colour and the velvet – even though it’s open toe, with tights, I don’t hate it, don’t mind it at all. (Go Fug Yourself) 
So… what happened to Britney and Kenzo? Because I feel like we’ve gone backwards with this dress. This is a classic Britney Spears dress, yes. It is not a Britney Spears in the era of Kenzo dress. And, well, I  guess it was too much to expect, for her to throw away the tacky ass style choices and suddenly start wearing clothes with some tackiness but also with some edge. I can’t look at this for too long. It’s too frustrating. (Cele|bitchy) 

Sarah wrote earlier today about the casting the It sequel. It was huge in 2017. Get Out was big too, going all the way to the Oscars. And John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place won the box office last weekend. So the scary movie genre is now a Hollywood “best bet”. Here’s how it happened. (The Ringer)