It felt like a classic long weekend gossip dump, taking advantage of the Labour Day break, TMZ broke the news on Sunday that Joe Jonas has engaged with at least two divorce lawyers and supposedly be filing for divorce imminently from Sophie Turner. Apparently he’s been taking his ring on and off over the last few weeks.


But then Joe was wearing his wedding ring during the Jonas Brothers concert this weekend and some fans say that Sophie was there for the show although I don’t know that we can say definitively based on the photos that have been posted. The ring though… 

Here’s what Joe just posted a few hours ago, and it seems to be a message because the ring is clearly visible. 


As an aside, when I’m looking at this shot I’m not looking at the ring because I’m too busy looking at his face – I would not have said this was Joe if I didn’t already know it was Joe. Because I’ve never, until this photo, been attracted to him, LOL. 

Anyway, back to the divorce mystery and whether or not it’s actually happening. TMZ is doubling down on their story with an update:

“Regardless of whether he rocks the ring or doesn't ... our sources are firm on this much -- their marriage is circling the drain and on its way to family court in due time.”

And the thing about TMZ is… they’re not usually wrong when it comes to these kinds of stories. So as much as the fans don’t want to believe, there’s something here; it may not necessarily end up in divorce, but this can’t be just a bad tip. Especially not with the details that have been included – especially this one: 

“Our sources say the couple has had "serious problems" for at least 6 months. We're told over the last 3 months, Joe has been caring for their 2 young children "pretty much all of the time," even as his band was touring. We're told Joe currently has both kids, as the group plays around the U.S.”


That’s the tell that whoever’s leaking is from Joe’s side, because no one on Sophie’s side would be misogynistically suggesting to TMZ that she’s an absent parent. That’s what’s being implied here, isn’t it? And it’s gross. 

Joe might be on tour but Sophie’s been working on a series called Joan in the UK. She gave birth to two kids in two years so it’s really her first opportunity to focus on her career since she got pregnant with their first child. Which means that she’s been with her children “pretty much all of the time” until she started shooting. And I don’t remember anyone out there accusing Joe, who’s been busy for the better part of two years making music and travelling with his brothers, of not being there for his kids. 

So whatever is going on behind the scenes here is DIRTY. And since it’s unlikely that Sophie, a woman, would say that about herself, I’m now wondering what kind of f-cksh-t is going on with Joe’s inner circle. Maybe that’s what the real problem is because if I’m Sophie I wouldn’t want to stick around if there’s more of that mess coming.