Scheduling note – we are dark tomorrow it’s a long weekend in Canada. Monday we’ll be posting lightly and we’ll return to our regular flow on Tuesday.  

This is a good theory put forward by the Fug Girls. Is Julia Fox trying to get a bra sponsorship? And my next question: Will we ever seen her ankles? I feel like we never see her ankles! (Go Fug Yourself)  


Elon Musk. Another stunt. Basically trying to position himself, through Twitter, LOL, as the saviour of free speech. Last I checked, Elon's part of the world was free to speech more than it’s ever been able to speech. You can speech through a tweet, you can speech on the gram, you can speech on YouTube, and you can speech via spam. Let’s stop playing into this fallacy that free speech is being threatened. (Dlisted)   

Some tabloid has made up a story about Kate Cambridge not being worried about how she’ll be portrayed on The Crown, because compared to the “blood” royals, she’s relatively clean… which is true for the most part. But what she won’t like is, well, if the shots from when she and William first met, and from the early days of their relationship and all those partying, drinking, and smoking scenes. Typically early 20s behaviour, no big deal, but we’re all supposed to have forgotten all of that. (Cele|bitchy)  

Twitter is talking about actors who did a lot with a small role and the way my chest expanded with pride when I saw MARIAH CAREY’s name come up. Mimi’s on a list with Dame Judi Dench! (Pajiba) 

Mads Mikkelsen fans, this is one is for you. Miles Surrey calls him “franchise Viagra” – and this is a good thing! (The Ringer)