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Uh oh, is Simone Biles’s husband the anti-Travis Kelce? He thinks HE is the “catch” in their relationship, and claims he didn’t know who she was when she messaged him on a dating app. Here’s the thing—I can believe he didn’t know who she was. Simone Biles is the GOAT, but let’s be honest, most people only pay attention to gymnastics during the Olympics. And there’s a real chance, given his focus on his own athletic career, he either didn’t watch US women’s gymnastics at the Olympics, or didn’t absorb the names of the athletes. I’m willing to cut him a break on that.


But after that? When he DID know who she was? To still go around acting like HE was the good get in their relationship? Why are we so excited about Travis Kelce? WHAT do we keep saying! That is a man who knows his girlfriend is a superstar, and he’s excited that she is a superstar. I hope for her sake, Simone’s husband is more giving behind closed doors, because everyone deserves to be with a partner who thinks they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Jonathan Owens isn’t giving those vibes. (Popsugar)

Attention all you dirty Saltburn babes, Barry Keoghan was at the launch of the Louis Vuitton popup in Los Angeles. I almost didn’t recognize him in these photos. (Go Fug Yourself)

This story has everything: Christopher Nolan, Peloton, and an unexpected defense of film criticism. Honestly, I laughed out loud at the headline, and the idea of Nolan sweating through a workout only to take heat for one of his films mid-go IS funny, but at the same time, I appreciate the sincere defense of criticism as a “profession”. It feels like we’re under fire from all sides some days, with studios increasingly hostile to robust criticism, and everyone assuming what we do is basically a commercial. So, I appreciate the defense from Nolan, though I once again lost it at the clip of the instructor sh-tting on his movie mid-workout! (Celebitchy)


Jonathan Major’s first post-conviction interview is with ABC. Slightly ironic, given Marvel and ABC are both subsidiaries of Disney, and Marvel fired him. I have zero interest in whatever excuse he’ll give for his behavior, because it always boils down to the same thing—anger. I’ve never heard an angry person admit they’re an angry person. (THR)

Everyone has a whiskey brand these days, it seems. Chris Stapleton maybe made the smartest move by partnering with Buffalo Trace to bottle his Traveller Whiskey from their blends. He doesn’t have to launch something cold into the market, he’s backed by the highly respected Buffalo Trace name. But the men of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are going in cold, launching Four Walls, billed as an “Irish-American whiskey”. Zach Johnston—one of the only “whiskey critics” whose palate resonates with mine—sat down to talk to Glenn Howerton about Four Walls and celebrity whiskey. I might have to try Four Walls now, if it passed the Zach taste test. (UPROXX)