OMG major flashback. Like I can almost SMELL the old school shampoo. I just did an informal poll here at work and everyone I asked used this shampoo when it was packaged like this. And it’s true, the smell was amazing. They sold it to us as orgasmic. I remember I’d smell my own hair all day after a fresh wash. And I’m not sure any shampoo since has had that same effect. Is that actual fact or just nostalgia? Back then, with my friends, we all have a favourite colour – I liked the yellow green bottle. My friend Jen was all about the pink. Seriously, if I saw that clear yellow/green bottle on a store shelf now, I would totally buy it. (Dlisted) 

I don’t at all hate this look on Katharine McPhee. The part I’m not sure about is the colour. If the background colour wasn’t white, it may have been more suitable to the occasion. The occasion was announcing the Tony nominations. The floral print and the beachy style isn’t quite suited to the event. But, again, a darker colour mayyyyy have helped. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Oh wait! There’s an update on Blac Chyna’s pregnancy. It’s not actually a pregnancy but it may be a pregnancy as in they’re actively working towards it? I mean, I’m sure they’re active, I just don’t know if, you know, a baby, at this point in his life, needs to be the goal. (Cele|bitchy) 

Never, ever noticed this before… but now that it’s been pointed out to me, it’s true, Britney Spears really does seem to have a lot of small furniture. It’s the La-Z-Boy that really freaks me out. Some people are saying it’s for her dog(s). Which, I mean, we have dog mats and beds all over the house for our dogs but they’re really just cushions. They’re not, like, proper beds with posts and couches and while we’re at it, that couch doesn’t actually look all that comfortable? In human being size, that is NOT a couch you would take a nap on. (Buzzfeed) 

If you’ve been visiting this blog for some time, you’ve heard me complain about my eyelashes – all 7 of them. I have no lashes on the bottom lid and very, very few on the top. They grow straight out, no curve and they’re short too. Fake lashes aren’t my thing because they make my eyes itchy. I tried them for a few months last year and then a crazy ass boil grew on my eyelid and that was it. I’ve never considered eyelash growth serums but my cousin has recently started doing it and she says it works although I think I remember her saying that you can’t stop using it once you do because if you stop the growing stops, or something? Anyway, The Cut just did a piece about whether or not growth serums deliver on the promise, if you need some eyelash help. (The Cut) 

Have you heard about this? It’s a thing on social media – a discussion about whether or not Thanos, the big bad in Avengers: Infinity War, is hot. WHAT! Seriously. Vulture posted a hilarious piece yesterday with several of their writers debating on Thanos’s hotness. I can’t believe we’re having this conversation but for the record, Thanos is not my type. Is he yours? (Vulture)