A lot of people have been analysing a photo from Meghan Markle’s now-defunct Instagram account, of a dude wearing a Golden Girls sweatshirt, and wondering if it’s Prince Harry. There’s even been a side-by-side beard comparison. This is not Prince Harry, how is that not obvious? Because it’s so obvious to me that it’s Markus Anderson who hangs out with Meghan and Harry and is one of the few people who were around Meghan and Harry during the early part of their relationship. (Dlisted) 

Did you know that bananas are psychic? I’ve never heard this before but a banana did indeed correctly predict that Princess Kate would give birth to a boy. Apparently a banana can answer yes or no. So they’ve just wasted this banana trick on a mystery nobody cared about – I mean there’s a 50/50 chance, you know? I’d rather we put the banana to better use, like asking it WHO BIT BEYONCE?! This is the question every banana should be answering, God. (Jezebel) 

Royal Trey was born today. But he’s not the only arrival. The Rock and Laurian Hashian have another daughter. And she’s royal too, kinda. They called her Tiana. Like Princess Tiana. Tiana’s older sister is Jasmine, as in Princess Jasmine. So, basically, The Rock really, really loves Disney. And if he has another daughter, can we just go ahead and assume she’ll be Moana? (Just Jared) 

It used to be that whenever I met someone after talking to them on the phone, they’d be surprised at what I look like. Because they don’t expect that a person who sounds like me could be Chinese. Sounds like Prince Charles wouldn’t think I was Chinese if he spoke to me on the phone first. Charles got what he wanted after the Queen appealed on his behalf and the young royals made a good show last week of supporting the family. He’s to be the Head of the Commonwealth after his mother. But he also showed his ass during an encounter with a woman from Manchester who the future King described as not looking like someone from Manchester. Think about all the old-timey pearl-clutchers I’ve been writing about who are already freaking out about Meghan Markle marrying into the family. And Charles, compared to those people, is supposed to be enlightened. (Cele|bitchy) 

I LOVE this dress on Zendaya. Even though it f-cks with my eyes. Is it f-cking with your eyes? It’s a great design though and, I think, an improvement on a dress that Alice + Olivia put out a couple of years ago, remember? I wore that Alice + Olivia dress and the belt ended up bothering me. Also the material because of that shine. Zendaya’s dress doesn’t have either of those problems. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Probably once every two weeks I ask Sarah to tell me which Avenger is going to die. And once every two weeks she yells at me to just wait for the movie. Fine. I’ll wait. But I’m going in expecting some cutbacks. There are simply too many of them. And now that we have Shuri and Okoye – WHO MUST GO ON –we have to trim some uselessness. So here’s a list of Avengers and the odds that they’ll make it past Infinity 
. It’s pretty obvious who’s not coming back, right? (The Ringer)