Like the Fug Girls, I also did not recognise Rose Byrne. It’s the hair, obviously. Have never associated Rose with this hairstyle before. It’s giving Julia Roberts, right? Would Julia ever wear this outfit? I don’t hate the outfit, and I can sort of see Julia wearing a modified version of it – maybe not the bra on top, but definitely the pants and the blazer. (Go Fug Yourself)


I have never watched an episode of Teletubbies but if Teletubbies was your content, it’s getting rebooted, are you excited? Honest question. I would like to know who is jacked up about this. For professional awareness. (Dlisted)

Someone thought that the world needed an update on how Prince Andrew is doing and I don’t know why there has to be so many words. How’s he doing? Well his greatest enabler, his mother, has passed away and he’s been stripped of all his opportunities to puff out his chest and act important – so he’s sulking, end of story. (Cele|bitchy)

Kathryn Hahn and Sarah Silverman are friends now, which is a happy ending for them. Not necessarily on the issue of Jewish representation in Hollywood, especially in light of Kanye West’s antisemitism and the rise of antisemitic violence, which Sarah has been talking about for a while. (Pajiba)

Now this was definitely written for me – Carrie Witmer gives us the shared history of George Clooney and Julia Roberts. (The Ringer)