Have to disagree with the Fug Girls here – I don’t think this is one of Anna Kendrick’s best looks. Something about the multi-size of the sequins seems off and I wish we had a better shoe option. Also I think I’m prepared to make a forever statement: the side part ponytail is an inferior ponytail and I think this whole look would have been improved with either a middle part pony or a no-part pony. (Go Fug Yourself)   


This is a great top (dress?) on Aidy Bryant and I’m especially into it because it’s a turtleneck. I know it’s May but I’m still all about turtlenecks and I don’t know if that’s lockdown brain talking or if it’s just that I’m not ready to quit them. You know what else is perfect? The texture of Aidy’s hair here. This is the ideal wave. (Dlisted)

All the Josh Duggar headlines this week have been really, really, really gross. Poor Duana because any time I see a Duggar story I think of her, which is not exactly the kind of thing anyone wants to be associated with but she’s been studying that family for a long time. Prayers up for that one sister who got out of that mess of a family. (Pajiba) 


People have been talking this week about showering during the pandemic and some of them are doing it less. I showered three time a day pre-pandemic. And I still shower three times a day. My showers are three to five minutes long, unless I’m washing my hair, which I only do twice a week – with exceptions, like if there’s a lot of product in it. I clean the essential parts that don’t get much air. And my face. Like a shower is actually part of my skincare routine because I’ve never been able to face-splash in the sink. (Cele|bitchy)  

This quiz involves McDonald’s and Gossip Girl. Sign me up! By the way, did you read the New York Times article on the Filet-o-Fish a few weeks ago? Duana sent it to me and was like… is this you? If McDonald’s ever cancelled the Filet-o-Fish I would picket them. I would protest. Seriously. I might never recover. Anyway, this quiz is based on your McD’s selections determining which Gossip Girl character I am and how the f-ck did I get Vanessa and not Blair!? (Buzzfeed)