Greta, directed by Neil Jordan, starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Grace Moretz, world premiered on opening night of TIFF. Neil described it to me as a “horror”. And Isabelle told me that her character, Greta, is pretty f-cked up. So it’s the story of two women and their complicated, sinister relationship. There’s been some early award buzz for the performances. But also, both actresses talked about how powerful it felt to be part of a story like this, where the narrative is built around two women. And of course it’s especially interesting to showcase the dynamic between an acting legend and a young woman who is part of the next generation. 

This was my first time interviewing both. And… it’s Isabelle Huppert. Who is, well, Isabelle Huppert. She is cool. So f-cking cool. And she can be cold – cold being a compliment here. And she isn’t all that patient. And she has no interest in being nice. Not that she was horrible to me or anything because she wasn’t. She actually smiled at me, which is a career highlight. She stopped noticing me the second she turned away though. And that’s OK. I do not deserve to be remembered by Isabelle Huppert. But let me tell you, the thrill that went down my back when she told me how much she relishes playing twisted, f-cked up women. It was almost sexual. 

As for her look, the minute she walked onto the carpet, it was an Arrival. There are few people who can drop a hand-on-hip pose while wearing a suit. A suit is not suited for that pose… on most. Isabelle Huppert, however, can make anything work. Look at this:




It’s Chloe. It was like some kind of corduroy. On a hot as f-ck day. Not even a bead of sweat. Not even a sheen of anything. It’s like moisture is afraid of her. Not even water wants to f-ck with her. Obviously this is the Outfit of the Week, right?!

Quite enjoyed Chloe Grace Moretz. She’s a fun interview. She was super proud of this project and its place in the festival and the timing of this kind of story in the era of Time’s Up. She and Isabelle had a lovely moment together on the carpet. Isabelle seemed fond of Chloe. That in and of itself is an accomplishment, to be worthy of Isabelle Huppert’s affection. Chloe is wearing Erdem. I asked her a fashion question, about fashion setting the mood, about how her dress set her mood for the night. She described how it made her feel, why it was THE dress to wear on THIS night. Pro-tip for Blake Lively. 

In other Chloe news, Dylan O’Brien was at the Grey Goose after-party for Greta at Soho House later on. They were rumoured to be dating a few weeks ago. He posed with her costar Maika Monroe …


…but there are no shots with him and Chloe. Still. No other reason to be there. So….