Isabelle Huppert woke up and said “the Venice red carpet needs me, and I will serve”. And she DID. Look at her in this silver fringy dress, with her hair all wet and greasy and all the slayyyyy she is giving in her pose. Also, Isabelle is ready for Renaissance. Like, imagine if Isabelle Huppert was a member of the Hive? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Emily Blunt and Chris Evans star in Pain Hustlers, which will have its world premiere at TIFF. It’s about two pharma reps who kick off the opioid crisis. The trailer for the film has just come out ahead of the festival and it’ll be on Netflix at the end of October. The actors, however, are not available to promote it so they won’t be coming to Toronto and if there’s still no movement on the strike, they likely will not be promoting it elsewhere. (The Mary Sue)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are apparently looking at properties in Malibu. TMZ is not the Daily Mail, so we’re not dealing with total f-ckery here. What’s funny, at least to me, about this is that the British tabloids were going on and on a couple of months ago about how the Sussexes had “lost” a few lucrative deals. Well, clearly they’re doing well enough to be thinking of buying more real estate. (Cele|bitchy) 


It’s been almost a year since Celine Dion retreated from public life due to illness. Our world is less joyful, less earnest. We miss her…but there’s nothing to ask of her, other than to say – please let there be a way forward for her so she can live a pain-free life. Her sister is saying that she’s in a lot of pain. (OMG Blog) 

I love any content about training and competition and I didn’t even know there was a cheesemonger Olympics so I’m all over this article about the people who will be vying for the cheese title of the world! (Eater)