The big get this month for Vanity Fair was no doubt the interview with Angelina Jolie. But they’ve also just released their 2017 Style Portfolio and there’s a LOT of sexy happening here. Let’s start with Issa Rae. Because yes, F-ck YES, Issa Rae in this leather trench coat coming down the stairs. Is she showing up at someone’s door to pull down that zipper? Or is she a spy, about to f-ck someone up?

Rebecca Ferguson also shows up because she’s in The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, to be released on Christmas Day, and it’s the kind of movie that could carry some awards. It’s not that I’ve never found Rebecca attractive – I mean, of course she’s attractive – but my God they lit the sh-t out of her on this shoot. And you can only really appreciate it in the video that they’ve included with the feature. Here’s your boyfriend, Diego Luna, in red velvet:


Here’s Sam Taylor-Johnson’s hot as f-ck husband in corduroy. This is what makes me crazy sometimes about these kinds of magazine shoots. You only get one shot. Look at him. Don’t you want to see the entire file of photos?!? Like I wish for Jason Mitchell’s picture they could let us get a better view of his face. He’s so cute.

And check out Garrett Hedlund, or “Gare Bear”, because that’s apparently his nickname? I’ve never really been in a 70s man, of the Kris Kristofferson A Star Is Born vibe. That might have to something to do with the fact that Elvis should have been in that movie and f-ck the Colonel for cockblocking that situation. “Gare Bear” styled up as 70s man, however, is actually doing something to me.

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