I already have a moderate size LaKeith Stanfield problem. On April 19th, at precisely 1030pm, I will experience a full-blown LaKeith Stanfield crisis. That’s the day Someone Great comes out on Netflix – it’s a Friday, I’ll get home from work, walk my dogs, participate in a conversation with my husband, and then order pizza and wings. When the pizza comes, I will instruct Jacek to leave me alone. I will get into bed, with my pizza, and I will begin the movie. I will pause a few times to text Kathleen and squeal. I will pause and rewind the hot parts. At 1031pm I will restart the movie. There is no doubt in my mind I will love it and that I’ll fall asleep that night playing out LaKeith Stanfield fantasies in my mind. 

And it will only get worse when I see him with Issa Rae in The Photograph. It was reported yesterday that Issa and LaKeith will star in Stella Meghie’s new project. Stella Meghie FROM TORONTO, that is! According to Variety:

The romantic drama centers on intertwining love stories in the past and present. Universal is very high on the pic after Meghie impressed execs with her original script so much so that they tapped her to direct as well. She is also on board to exec produce.

So the studio loved the story, so much that they also wanted Stella to direct (which I feel like a few years ago, they’d be like, oh great story, we’ll bring in our person to tell it – this is progress). It’s a romantic drama. Issa and LaKeith are in. Did I mention it’s a romantic drama? With Issa and LaKeith? From the director who gave us Everything, Everything? A director who is “quietly defying Hollywood convention…working at the studio level”? I’m about to go full Twi-Hard over The Photograph. How long do we have to wait?