Though it hasn’t been nearly as long, I know, I feel like the wait for the fifth and final season of Insecure, to me, feels like the wait for Rihanna’s new album. Rihanna’s fans, aka Navy, are always on her about when new music is about to drop. I can actually wait more patiently for Rihanna’s album than I can for Insecure – and it’s not because I’m not excited about her music, it’s more because Rihanna’s music didn’t leave off with a to-be-continued storyline. ANTI wasn’t an ongoing narrative the way a television series is. And the main narrative of season four of Insecure was about the break in Issa and Molly’s friendship, which is the central love story of the show. Can they repair what was broken? Will they build on what was broken and move into a new phase of friendship? I want to know so badly…and at the same time, I’m afraid to know because once we do, once season five is over, that’s it, that’s the end of Insecure


HBO has yet to announce a premiere date for the upcoming season. What we do know is that they only wrapped on production less than two weeks ago. 

It was an emotional day on set as you can see from the videos that Yvonne Orji posted on Instagram. 


You can hear it in what Prentice Penny is saying about working with Issa – what an achievement this show was and is, both for the industry as a whole, and of course for Black creatives. Issa capitalised on the momentum of The Adventures of Awkward Black Girl to create Insecure, and from Insecure she’s building a media empire that is an incubator for Black talent in front of and behind the camera. Black showrunners are coming out of Issa’s creative space, more Black storytellers, so much Black talent. And with her success behind them, we get more shows, more quality, not just more seats at the table, but more tables, more rooms, more space. 

Here’s Issa in an excellent white blazer dress last night at the BET Awards. The shoulders are SO good.