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Every January, I remind you that all the best people were born in January. Issa Rae turned 34 on Saturday. On Sunday, she celebrated at the Critics’ Choice Awards. 

I don’t love her black Jason Rembert dress at all – it’s one of those outfits that probably looks better in person than it photographs – but she still looks great. If you only focus on her from the neck up, she’s stunning. She walked through the background of a red carpet interview with a person I can’t remember because I was focusing on Issa Rae’s glow. 


I know that Issa is someone who, like me, loves their birthday obnoxiously because she mentioned it within three seconds of her interview on the carpet. So, I’m going to attribute her glow, the one that’s saving her from a bad dress, to her birthday. And because it’s her birthday, we’re not going to talk about this dress anymore. 

Issa didn’t get to celebrate her 34th with a Critics’ Choice Award win (she lost to Rachel Brosnahan) but she does have a lot to celebrate. She’s about to start work on Insecure Season 4, and she’ll have promotional duties for Little soon. I CAN’T WAIT FOR LITTLE. Lainey already spent some time gushing over Little but I don’t care I’m going to yell about it too. It looks SO GOOD. Marsai Martin is a genius who came up with the idea when she was 11. I can’t think about that for too long without feeling old and unaccomplished so let’s go back to Issa, who is also way more accomplished but older than me, so I feel like I have a few years to catch up. HA. Let me have this, it’s my birthday soon. 


Little is a great move for Issa. Not that TV actresses need to transition solely to film anymore in the era of Peak TV but this is a seamless transition nonetheless. It’s a situational, workplace comedy where we know Issa thrives. It’s not exactly a rom-com but it sets her up to be the next great romantic comedy leading lady. Right after Little, Issa will star in American Princess, directed by Stella Meghie (Everything, Everything) and written by Insecure writer and producer, Amy Aniobi. Here’s the IMDB  description

An American woman is drawn into a world of wealth and high society when she unexpectedly falls in love during a trip to London.

So, it’s like all my favourite royal-themed Christmas rom-coms but with black people. I’M IN. She may have a Little movie coming out but it looks like 34 is going to be a BIG year for Issa Rae. I’ll see myself out. 

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