When I write about Insecure, I make a point to focus on Issa and Molly’s friendship and how well the show depicts black female relationships. To me, that is Insecure’s strength. The romantic pairings are secondary but that doesn’t mean I’m not invested. There are many Insecure fans who are invested in Lawrence. They’re called the Lawrence Hive. 

Lawrence Hive is so invested that they’ve started a petition to HBO to bring Lawrence back for Season 3. As we know, Jay Ellis will probably not appear in the new season. Issa has moved on from Lawrence. Everyone else needs to move on too. Issa Rae, as she does so well, hilariously clapped back at the petition on Twitter. 

Issa was asked about the Lawrence Hive’s desperation on The TODAY Show yesterday. The Lawrence stuff comes in around the 2:10 mark. 

She’s right. They didn’t really think this through, did they? It’s dangerous territory when fans start feeling entitled to storylines and demanding characters belong together. Sometimes, it’s a natural progression, like when fans were more connected to Pacey (obviously) and while Joey’s endgame was originally supposed to be Dawson, it became clear that the Joey + Pacey connection was what would make for a better ending. Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson changed his vision to accommodate the passionate fan response to Pacey and Joey. It doesn’t sound like Issa Rae is as easily persuaded. 

In an interview with Vulture, Issa made it seem like her character’s endgame is going to be Daniel

“I always have hope for Issa and Daniel. I feel like they’re connected… I feel like he’s seeing a side of her that Lawrence never saw. She has a history with Daniel that she never had with Lawrence. So that dynamic is interesting.”

So Season 3 is going to be heavy on Issa and Daniel. I can’t decide how I feel about this. I care about Daniel but I also don’t think he’s the best fit for Issa. But it’s not up to me. The reason we’re so invested in Insecure is because of the characters and storylines Issa Rae, Prentice Penny and the rest of the writing team came up with. Let’s leave the storytelling to them, OK? I’m looking at you, Lawrence Hive. 

Issa Rae also talked to The TODAY Show about her first ever Emmy nomination. She found out, fittingly, when she was at work. Issa is going into the Insecure Season 3 premiere as an Emmy nominee. It’ll presumably be wrapping up right around the date of the Emmy broadcast. Who needs Lawrence when you’ve got an Emmy? Oh dear sweet Blue Ivy, please let Issa win her first Emmy. I’m already emotional just thinking about it. That’s an endgame I can root for. 

Issa Rae is also on the September issue of Ebony looking flawless, not at all awkward and very secure. Click here for more.