Dear Gossips,

The New York Times had a very important question for us this weekend:

How Quiet Should You Be During Game Of Thrones?

I’m pretty quiet during GoT. I don’t like watching with anyone else. I will text other people during the episode but I’m watching alone. Jacek and the dogs are given strict instructions to not just not talk to me but to stay off my floor. I am, however, not quiet, not at all, when I’m watching Insecure. When I’m watching Insecure, I’m either whooping with laughter (“cloth napkins and sh-t”), whooping with need over the clothes (I need Issa’s days of the week t-shirt)…

(Photo courtesy HBO)

…. yelling at Issa and Lawrence, shouting encouragement at Molly, or screaming OMGGGGGGGG at the end of the episode. The END OF THAT EPISODE. Right???

And there’s still so much more to unpack. I could watch an entire series about the pay gap in Molly’s office. I could watch an entire episode of Issa using that jury summons envelope as a prop in front of the mirror. I want to watch that series that they keep watching starring Regina Hall. And I definitely love watching Issa Rae and Jay Ellis going back and forth on Twitter repping #TeamIssa and #LawrenceHive:


#LawrenceHive is tearing people apart. As Jay Ellis told GQ last week, “Most women yell at me”. He also talks about how his ma and grandma got mad at him. Because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, Lawrence. Also, he gives us a not-so-blind item about Paris Hilton. 

Still. Still. I have a serious Lawrence/Jay Ellis problem. And if you have the same problem, it’s not going to get any better through the season. He wears a pair of pants in next week’s episode that I had to pause and admire. And they’re really nothing special: khakis, cuffed at the ankle. But my GOD he looks good. Right now, I love Sundays. You? You’re watching Insecure, aren’t you?

Yours in gossip,