Dear Gossips,   

It was not time six weeks ago when I walked into a store and saw ornaments on display. FFS, it can’t be time when the leaves are still green!

Yesterday it was almost time. Almost. It’s what gets me through Halloween: the knowledge that it’s the end of October and the end of another spooky season. 


And today? Or, rather, at midnight last night? Well now it’s official. Because she has declared it to be so. After all, this is her season. The Queen of Festive is ready. 

She also has a hashtag for it. #MariahSZN …also known as Christmas. LOL forever. I mean, seriously. It’s Santa, and then it’s Mariah Carey. Like I say this every year but there is no other artist, literally, in her generation, the one before it, and the one after it who has written a Christmas song that has become THIS impactful, that will be played by generations and generations to come (if we can save our planet). What Mimi has achieved is extraordinary. 


Here in Toronto, we’re especially blessed this holiday season because Mimi is in concert, just four shows: two in Toronto, December 9 and 11, and two in New York, December 13 and 16. Four shows in a week?! That’s basically a marathon for her. But she has ten months to recover before she has to do it again next year. 

The joke on social media is that Mimi has defrosted. Get ready because she’ll be everywhere for the next eight weeks. 


Attached - Mimi out in New York on Friday with Bryan Tanaka.

Yours in gossip,