Does it surprise you who’s vaccinated and who might not be vaccinated, whether people are famous or not? In real life, it’s been wild, those revelations. But in general, the famous ones… most of the time it tracks. This one definitely tracks. (Cele|bitchy) 


Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo are now the parents of a daughter. The name has not yet been released. I love the names Beatrice and Eugenie and they’re so complementary. Eugenie’s son is called August, which I thinkworks with both his parents’ names. Very curious what Beatrice and Edoardo’s baby name vibe will be. Italian or British? (Dlisted) 

Erdem’s new collection is very Erdem, as Erdem almost always is. A bouquet of floral print – but not just floral print, but even when it’s not floral print, it feels like floral print, which he does through fabric and colour. Which speaks to his talent and design imagination. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Everybody associated with Marvel movies has to do a dance about keeping secrets and the way they keep the secrets becomes a story because people want to dissect what every angle means. And Topher Grace is just lighting that on fire and they’ll still go CSI on every word he said. (Pajiba) 

Our site manager Emily emailed this article to me with the message “read this headline”. I had to read it three times. It’s … something. (People)