Big night for Team Beef at the Gothams, as Ali Wong won Outstanding Performance in a New Series and Beef won Breakthrough Television Under 40 Minutes. Can I just say? I love that the Gothams don’t delineate between comedy and drama, they divide their TV categories by run time. More awards shows should do this! The Bear has episodes under 30 minutes, and they keep calling it a comedy because it averages shorter episodes, but it is NOT! 


Besides Ali Wong, Team Beef—that will never not be fun—was repped by Ali’s fellow nominee Steven Yeun, as well as series creator Lee Sung Jin and director Jake Schreier (they’re currently collaborating on Marvel’s Thunderbolts, which is the only thing that makes me curious about that movie). Jake Schreier showed up in pajamas, I love it. More people should wear fancy pajamas to things. Normalize it, celebs, so the rest of us can get away with it! 

Also, if you’re wondering how busy Ali Wong is, she’s in the middle of a standup tour right now. She is literally on a break from touring to win awards. That is Beyoncé, that is Taylor, that is boss as f-ck.