How is this Thom Browne’s first runway show at couture week? (Go Fug Yourself)

The Prince and Princess of Wales take a lot of heat for being work-shy, and that is probably fair criticism, especially compared to how many engagements other royals, like Princess Diana, or Princess Anne, did and do. However, I’m not sure shaming Princess Kate for a Tuesday-Thursday, 9-4 schedule is quite it. The reality is, the forty-hour work week, for many jobs isn’t necessary. (Acknowledging here we all have deadlines and can be more or less busy at any moment.)


I tracked my “real” productivity versus “make work” for three months as part of an office survey to determine if we could shorten our work week and you could lop one and a half days off my week and my work would not be affected. Advances in automation, better collaborative tools, and yes, utilizing my work-from-home time to maximize performance without distraction results in better work done in less time. Maybe Princess Kate is lazy, or maybe we need to start normalizing the idea of a thirty hour, or even twenty-five-hour, work week for everyone, not just royals we don’t like. (Celebitchy)

As Twitter continues to die before our eyes, Facebook/Meta has launched a competing social media app, Threads. I refuse to use it. I used Facebook for a hot minute in the 2000s when it was still just for college students, but never really took to the format. Twitter appeals to me as a joke writer and time waster, but unfortunately for us professional writers, no other social media app as yet matches Twitter for how it supports and promotes writing. In the interest of finding a platform for my writing that isn’t a total hellscape, I’m trying a few other social media sites, but I draw the line at Threads. I just don’t have the patience for all these apps. (Pajiba)


I could not get into The Idol, largely because Sam Levinson’s “look at me, I’m so EDGY and CONTROVERSIAL” schtick is neither edgy nor controversial. The show is not as deep, dark, perverted, or smart as it thinks it is, nor is Lily-Rose Depp an engaging actor. But Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye’s performance did work for me, especially as a scarily accurate portrait of a certain kind of LA bottom-feeder. I can’t help but think if Tesfaye took his idea to someone other than Sam Levinson to bring to screen, The Idol would be THE hit show of the summer, and not a hate watch, at best. Oh, to see Amy Seimetz’s version of The Idol! (Decider)

Sydney Sweeney is in Ibiza, yachting with her friends. Meanwhile, Glen Powell is now a dog dad. Dude’s really coming for Chris Evans’s crown. (Page Six)