Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa dropped a new song and music video, “Sweetest Pie”, and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes a hit—especially on TikTok.



Meg and Dua have already achieved TikTok trending song statuses with songs like “Body” and “Levitating” respectively. Now I’m imagining all of the TikTok creators RUNNING to their tripods in hopes of being the one who creates the trend that goes viral. Shouldn’t be too hard to do because this drop has given them a lot of good content to work with. 

The music video is directed by Dave Meyers, one of the most iconic music video directors of all time, who has worked with almost every big name musician of the last 25 years. Now it’s Meg and Dua’s turn, though we also have to give a shoutout to Meg for more than her rapping because she has an official credit for the concept of the video. 

The music video is “Hansel and Gretel''- inspired with a hot girl twist. There are twerking dance breaks, STUNNING outfits and makeup, men falling off of body-silhouette trees, and…spider Dua? The dramatic visuals highlight the power of women and the chorus is catchy, easy to learn, and has a beat that’s hard to not dance to. There’s no surprise that the song would fit right into a club's playlist because it’s Meg and Dua—these two know how to make a Top 40 bop. 


Even though it’s only March, “Sweetest Pie” will most likely be a contender for 2022 song of the summer. There are pros and cons that come with releasing summer songs as early as March, but they’ve got plenty working in their favour such as their previous TikTok trending status, Meg’s upcoming album, and their touring schedules. Meg is joining Dua for a few of her upcoming shows, so we’ll definitely be seeing live performances of this. I wonder if they will be able to hold onto the hype or if another song may steal the thunder in the next couple of months. There’s no denying the power of a collaboration though, and there’s no doubt it will be playing at all of the summer parties this year.