Well this isn’t a surprise…but it is now official: Adele sells. A LOT. As if there was any question that 30 wouldn’t be a blockbuster album. What’s also selling but not as easy to buy are Adele tickets to her Vegas residency. And I love her for not f-cking around with vaccination requirements and masks. (Dlisted) 


You know who isn’t seling though? Piers Morgan. No one wants to read his book. But you can read him for free at the Daily Mail. (Cele|bitchy) 

I am obsessed with the fit of Halle Berry’s suit here. It’s a perfect f-cking fit. Like so well fit that it could be a superhero costume…which…yeah, if you put this on her in an X-Men scene as Storm, it would totally work. (Go Fug Yourself) 

If the last few months have told us anything about upcoming award season carpets it’s that no one will be holding back. So I’m looking forward to seeing several of these Atelier Versace looks at the Grammys and Critics' Choice Awards and eventually at the Oscars. JLo is good for at least four of these pieces. (OMG Blog)

I’m sure you’ve seen this – the claw clip is back from the 80s as a popular hair accessory. I wasn’t super into them back in the day and I can’t say I’m down now. Not just because I don’t like the look but because, in my experience, they don’t f-cking hold! (The Cut)