I’ve got bad news for all the Lorde and Jack Antonoff shippers – and for my friend Liz who was really proud of predicting that these two would hook up after Jack’s split with Lena Dunham. The last time we saw Lorde and Jack Antonoff together, they were in Auckland, looking like a lot more than friends. Now, Jack’s looking more than friendly with someone again but this time it’s Carlotta Kohl, the same woman he was rumoured to be dating right before the Grammys. At the time, I firmly put Jack and Lorde in the friend zone. They know we all think they are secretly together and so, by finally being spotted in public with Carlotta Kohl, I thought Jack was officially putting an end to the Lorde rumours. 

But then Lorde and Jack were all over each other in Auckland and I got distracted. Turns out, they were likely just trolling us all. Or, we were looking at the photos from Auckland all wrong. A reader who would like to remain anonymous sent me an email about Justin Warren. He’s a music executive who – before Jack – was rumoured to be Lorde’s boyfriend. If you scroll down in this Daily Mail post, you’ll see that Justin Warren was with Lorde and Jack Antonoff in Auckland. Another friend of mine in the music industry corroborates the fact that there have been rumblings about Justin and Lorde for a while. So, even if they aren’t together now, you probably wouldn’t be all PDA-ing in front of your ex with your new boyfriend, right? This is why Photo Assumption can be a fickle game. 

But let’s play it again, shall we? If you compare the PDA of Lorde and Jack in Auckland (arms around shoulders, playful nudging) to Jack and Carlotta courtside at the Knicks game on Saturday (Carlotta’s head on Jack’s shoulder), it does seem a lot more intimate and romantic. Plus, we know Lorde and Jack have a longstanding professional relationship. Especially now that Jack seems to have a girlfriend, it’s more likely that these two are just friends… for now. 

Does this mean that Lorde is allowed back in the squad?