Surprise guests have become standard at Coachella. But you know who I did not have on my bingo card? Ciara showing up on Jackson Wang’s stage. Jackson Wang is a Chinese idol and a member of K-pop band GOT7. He’s got a pretty big international following, this was his second time at Coachella, his first time on the bill solo, and then Ciara shows up for multiple numbers, including several of her own songs. 


Since both of them are amazing dancers, obviously the combination gave great choreo: 


Following their performance, they announced they’ve collaborated on a new song: 

Music is increasingly borderless. And that, perhaps, is one of the biggest highlights of a festival like Coachella putting that borderlessness on stage. 


In other Coachella news – it’s supposed to be for the music but, as we all know, it’s also for the parties. And if there’s a party, there’s no way that Leonardo DiCaprio can resist it. Which is why he’s a Coachella regular. He was seen this weekend with a few models, obviously, including Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell. The tabloids are trying to make it seem like Leo and Irina might be a thing but they’ve known each other for years and she’s Bradley Cooper’s ex. Which would be GREAT gossip but also… Irina is 37 years old so, like, what are the chances here that Leo is hooking up with the mother of his friend’s baby who also happens to be wayyyyy past 25? 

Like Leo, Kate Hudson is a Coachella regular and she was spotted this weekend in a red hat because at Coachella, if it’s not a flower crown, it’s a hat. Never a baseball cap but a statement hat. 


You know who should have maybe continued to wear a hat though? Lewis Hamilton, my favourite Coachella sighting from weekend one. Lewis looks a bit red, particularly on the forehead, he might need a cooling sheet mask for that burn. Looks like Lewis will be stateside for at least the next few weeks? Miami Grand Prix is coming up next!