Earlier this week, Lainey wondered what the premiere of Red Table Talk would bring, if Jada Pinkett-Smith would acknowledge The Slap in any way. Well, sort of. The premiere episode featuring Janelle Monae—who came out as non-binary—was taped before the Oscars, so the episode only featured a title card at the top that said in part, Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls… Until then the table will continue offering itself to powerful, inspiring and healing testimonies…” Healing seems to be the keyword being thrown around a lot. Can we heal our way to never talking about The Slap again? (DListed)


Megan Thee Stallion debuted a new song at Coachella last weekend, and as she promised on social media, she has released the official audio today for “Plan B”. She dedicated the song “to whom it may the f-ck concern”, which is 1) extremely fun, and 2) how I want to open all my correspondence from now on. (Popsugar)

The premiere for The Offer was this week, and while Matthew Goode looks very handsome in a classic double-breasted suit, I LOVE Miles Teller’s slightly sleazy outfit. I am READY for some summer whites, but also, it’s vaguely 70s, which plays into the era and style of the series. I don’t think actors HAVE to dress to their character/project on the red carpet, but I do like it when it seems like some thought and planning went into matching red carpet style and project tone, which is what is going on here. They’re leaning into the 70s vibes and Teller looks great. (Go Fug Yourself)


Over ten years after the fact, when it won’t make a difference to anyone, Ellen Pompeo supports some comments Katherine Heigl made about the grueling hours spent filming Grey’s Anatomy. Hourlong series are notorious for long days, especially network dramas that crank out 20+ episodes a season, so it shouldn’t have been controversial for Heigl to say, “The hours suck,” but it came during that time when she was regularly roasted for everything she said, whether she was actually being “ungrateful” or not. Anyway, so good to support your co-workers after they’ve already had their public reputation destroyed and it’s no skin off your nose to agree with them now, when it no longer matters. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of Will Smith, Netflix has reportedly cancelled Bright 2, sequel to the 2017 fantasy/cop film Bright. Is it because of The Slap, or because nobody remembers Bright? Probably the latter, no one is asking for Bright 2, and these are exactly the kind of cuts Netflix will need to make to curb their spending and not throw money away on projects audiences don’t care about. Meanwhile, over at National Geographic, Smith’s docuseries Pole to Pole has been delayed and will now film in the fall, instead of the spring. Is Nat Geo going to be the first place to bring Will Smith back? (The Playlist)