Some people are dragging Tyra Banks for the charity she performed when she decided to pull over and assist with an influencer’s photo shoot. And, in the process, disrespect the photographer. I understand where people are coming from here but, at the same time, since we’re talking about an influencer, and an influencer’s whole sh-t is going viral, wasn’t this, really, a gift? (Dlisted) 

This is a great outfit on Jada Pinkett Smith and it’s also an antidote to Johnny Depp and his ten thousand scarves. Jada is serving a LOT of scarves here. OK it’s probably not that many scarves but the point is it looks like a lot of scarves. Less scarves can be more scarves – which is something Johnny doesn’t appreciate. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I know a few people who Botox their armpits so that they don’t sweat there anymore. I’ve never considered it because I don’t really sweat that much but there are some materials that pick up any sweat so quickly, within a few minutes, you’ve got two stains under your arms. Chrissy Teigen, being a model, and someone who generally goes through a lot of outfits, would likely have this concern. As do many other celebrities who Botox their armpits but don’t tell you about it. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love how Gayle and Oprah decided to coordinate their outfits, not just the colours but the materials. I also want to know who they think is a “snack”! Halfway through this, Oprah totally checks out….even though I totally think she knows what “receipts” are. Then she comes back for “JOMO” which, is that even a thing? Seriously? (OMG Blog) 

I wrote in today’s open about Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL. Jay now claims that he spoke to Colin Kaepernick before the deal – but Kaepernick is denying this through his lawyer. Is this going to be a good look for Jay in the long run? (TMZ)