It’s prom season! I love prom season. I love movies about prom (Blockers, my problematic fave Pretty in Pink, classics She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You, I COULD GO ON). I love every prom episode of every one of my beloved teen dramas. I loved going to my own prom. My best friend at the time, Ray, had to pull me off the dance floor to try to convince me to go to the after-party before prom was over with our other friends. I went but I cried the whole way. I really didn’t want to take off my canary yellow sequined dress and I’m dramatic like that. I LOVE PROM. 

My unabashed affection for prom is why I got so excited when I saw this post of Jaden Smith and his girlfriend Odessa Adlon. 

HOW CUTE ARE THEY? Odessa is wearing a corsage! Jaden looks moderately excited to be there! I could write an entire episode of a teen drama about a coming-of-age black vampire and his crush, who just so happens to be figuring out her magical witchy powers all while navigating the insecurities and awkward eccentricities of high school life, based on this photo alone. He’s madly in love with her, and also thirsty, but she doesn’t have time for his elementary advances. She’s got to figure out how to stop accidentally turning her teachers into frogs. That’s an instant CW classic right there. 

Jaden and Odessa look great in their goth prom looks. They both seem like the type to be too cool to go to prom (Jaden has been vocal about his disdain for school) which is why I love that they went even more. Do you think they hung out by the punch bowl the whole time? After they spiked it, of course, I have more questions about celebrities at prom. I’m assuming this is Odessa’s prom since she is 17 – perfect prom age—and Jaden is 19 so I’m guessing he’s already graduated from whatever elevated intellectual institution he attended in his brain. He also went to prom with Amandla Stenberg in 2015.  So, what do the other kids do when Jaden Smith shows up at prom? 

If I was in Odessa’s class, I’d be pissed that a celebrity showed up to hijack the spotlight on prom night. I’m dramatic like that. I’d either be pissed or I’d be plotting ways to make Jaden Smith my best friend. But when celebrities go to prom, they’re probably going to fancy rich LA proms full of kids who don’t care about Jaden Smith. Their parents are just as rich as Will and Jada. Some of them probably care more about their Instagram likes than the fact that the heir of the Fresh Prince is in their presence. Kids these days. 

Here’s the other thing about celebrities at prom: they get to dress up all the time. For me, prom was my first chance to channel my inner Beyoncé. Odessa and Jaden go to red carpet events all the time. The last time I wrote about them at an event, I called their looks “goth prom” too. Is it still special when they get to dress up like this all the time? Now I want a reality show that just follows celebrities going to their proms. 

If Jaden’s caption had you questioning whether he and Odessa had a good time, according to her Instagram stories, she got home at 5AM “cooked as hell". Ah, the memories. I LOVE PROM.