Drake may or may not be dating a model called Bella Harris. Supposedly he shut down a restaurant for her. Because he’s all about the grand gesture, something he has in common with Justin Bieber. Don’t go around saying this is a Canadian thing though. Because I know many single girls in Canada who can attest to the fact that there are just as many non-grand gesture douchebags on the dating scene in Canada. And even if they do pull off a grand gesture, they still end up being douchebags. Did I ever tell you the story I heard last year about a guy who slept over at his girlfriend’s place, got drunk, and pissed all over her floor, ruining her clothes? (Dlisted)

Sean Penn has decided to tell us, again, what he thinks of #MeToo. With the same kind of jumbled up word f-ckery that he uses in his writing. Remember his writing? To be mad at him, I’d have to understand him. And I can’t understand him because he’s too busy trying to mangle every sentence that comes out of his mouth. What the f-ck is this combination of words? It’s the communication equivalent of pairing cheese with… like… kung pao chicken. None of it goes together. (Jezebel)

Jake Gyllenhaal spent the summer in London and was supposedly seen on several dates with a young woman who was definitely not Greta Caruso. Here is with Greta again in New York. As for my interview with him last week at TIFF, Sasha and I want to tell the story together because she produced me on that carpet. And Duana and I think it’s great for the Show Your Work podcast because it’s about what happens at work when you have to redirect on the fly. So it’s coming soon, promise. (Just Jared) 
I saw Joaquin Phoenix last week at TIFF. He is really, really thin right now, to play the Joker. I mean, with Joaquin’s talent, I don’t know that the weight loss was necessary but, as we know, he goes all out and all in. That said, these shots of him with the clown – is it too… on the nose? (Cele|bitchy) 

Love this dress on Keira Knightley. Except for one detail. Here are the details I love though: the turtleneck is great; I’m always all about a flouncy sleeve; the pattern is gorgeous…but why does there have to be a waist? (Go Fug Yourself)

I do love a red lip with a pair of jeans. And this pair of jeans and this red lip look SO good on Hailee Steinfeld. It’s the easiest way to do something with an outfit when you don’t feel like doing anything with the clothes. Your favourite pair of jeans. Your favourite white t-shirt. A great pair of earrings. And that lip. (Teen Vogue)